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Neighborhoods and Subdivisions

Looking for a nice neighborhood in Oxford, Mississippi?

In Oxford, Mississippi, there are communities that are great for everyone. There is a neighborhood in Oxford MS for you, no matter what your interests are. Oxford MS provides the right area for you if you’re seeking a dynamic community. Many young professionals and families live in Oxford MS communities, and there are often events and activities going on.

Lakeway Gardens

Lakeway Gardens is an established neighborhood located just a couple of miles from the Oxford town square. Situated just outside of the Oxford city limits, Lakeway Gardens is in the Oxford city school district and just a mile and half from the new FNC Park located just a few seconds down Old Sardis Road. Lakeway Gardens has mostly 1 to 2 acre lots and they feature beautiful mature hardwoods and pines. Many of the homes in this neighborhood have big backyards and some with swimming pools. The 72 single-family homes in Lakeway Gardens were each custom-built in the late 1970s and 1980s by various reputable builders.

As a result, housing types vary, ranging from single-family ranch-style homes to two-story Tudor-style residences. Although the homes are older, they have been properly maintained and several have been modified. Lakeway Gardens, one of Oxford’s oldest subdivisions, will make you feel right at home if you’re searching for a well-established, treed, well-maintained, and pleasant neighborhood.

The College Hill Heights neighborhood has a lot of trees, which is rare in many Oxford developments. College Hill Heights is located directly before the Tara neighborhood entrance, off College Hill Road. College Hill Heights houses range in size from 1,100 to 3,000 square feet, so there should be something to suit your needs. College Hill Heights continues to be a popular development and a lovely location to live despite the fact that some of the homes were constructed as early as 1960.

College Hill Heights


Woodland Hill Estates

Woodland Hills Estates has some of Oxford's best homes. Woodland Hills Estates is conveniently located just off Hwy 7 North, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of "outside of town living" while yet being accessible to everything in Oxford.

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Brittany Woods

For the most part, the properties in Brittany Woods are very affordable! Except for several Western Hills communities in Oxford, there aren’t many subdivisions to compare it to when it comes to costs. These residences are on University Avenue, right before Kroger, and were built in the early 1970s. The Brittany Woods community is about 3 miles from both the University campus and the Oxford square. Highways 6 and 334 are also easily accessible from this area. There’s not much more you can ask for than Brittany Woods being in the Oxford school district!

The Community Green Subdivision in Oxford, Mississippi, is conveniently located just off Molly Barr Road and is only a 2-minute drive from both Oxford Square and the University of Mississippi campus. This neighborhood is unique in that the residences were previously placed on the Ole Miss campus before being relocated to their current site. Because LOU-HOME Inc. recognized the critical need for affordable housing in our neighborhood, this unique subdivision of relocated homes provides homes with plenty of room and a fantastic location for a reasonable price.

Community Green


Eskola Roofing & Waterproofing

Eskola Commercial Roofing has the knowledge and expertise you need. They have been serving businesses in Oxford MS for more than four decades with all their roofing needs.



Lamar Park

Lamar Park in Oxford, Mississippi, has remained relatively unknown, which makes it ideal for your next outing. Lamar Park, just west of Oxford, Mississippi, features a beautiful lake with an equally beautiful pier that takes you out into the center of it.



Meadowview has several elegant homes in Oxford, Mississippi. People began to notice Meadowview houses when they became available in the late 1990s. Meadowview is located near Jackson Avenue and has long been a fantastic spot to live for Oxford, MS residents due to its handy location and peaceful community atmosphere. Meadowview is conveniently located near many restaurants, a shopping center, and a Wal-Mart. The Oxford City School District serves the Meadowview houses.

Rolling Wood is a picturesque development in Oxford, Mississippi, with homes built in the early 1970s. They’re houses on the other side of Highway 334 from the Lafayette County School District. Despite their proximity to the Lafayette Schools, they are part of the Oxford, MS City School District. Because of their low price per square foot, Rolling Wood houses frequently sell quickly. A home in Rolling Wood often has a larger lot than those in many of Oxford’s subdivisions. Ranch-style homes, as well as a variety of other types, are common in the development.

Rolling Woods


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