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Oxford Square to Install Meters on Handicapped Parking Spaces Following Abuse Concerns

"Handicapped parking meter installation"

Handicapped Parking Changes in Oxford Square

Meters to be Installed on Handicapped Spaces

Following the recent motion passed by the Oxford Board of Aldermen, handicapped parking spaces in downtown Oxford will now be metered. The decision, made at their May 28 meeting, follows recommendations from the Mayor’s Disability Commission. The move will affect all handicapped parking spaces around the Square and inside parking lots, requiring payment at a kiosk.

Accessible Parking Abuse

The Chairman of the Mayor’s Disability Commission, Cameron Stubbs, revealed that the commission’s recommendation stemmed from an observed abuse of handicapped parking spaces. “We have found that people who do park there, even if they are credentialed, will tend to stay there all day,” said Stubbs, “we also noticed people without credentials parking there simply because they couldn’t find parking elsewhere.”

This move aims to prevent both situations, ensuring handicapped parking spaces are available for those who truly need them, and discouraging those without need from occupying these vital spaces. Handicapped parking permits still allow their holders to park in these spaces; however, they will now be required to pay via metered payment.

Public Response

The public response to this decision is yet to be established, with reactions likely to be mixed. While some might commend efforts to curb the abuse of handicapped parking spaces, others might express concern about adding another financial burden to those with disabilities.

It’s important to note, though, that the decision is targeted at freeing up these parking spaces for their intended users rather than imposing an additional financial stipulation.

Concession Concerns

Considerations will presumably be made for those unable to reach a parking meter due to their handicap. Accommodations may include meters positioned at an accessible height or the use of remote payment methods. These accommodations will be vital in ensuring this new system is fair and accessible to those with disabilities.


Enforcement will likely prove vital to the success of these measures. Oxford authorities will need to ensure consistent policing of these parking spaces to maintain their intended effect of deterring abuse.

In conclusion, addressing the misuse of accessible parking is a necessary step in maintaining the dignity and respect of individuals with disabilities. It remains to be seen how these changes will be implemented and executed, and how the community will respond.

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